Live dealer blackjack is the latest innovation adopted by the leading online casinos. As the name implies, live dealer blackjack utilizes a real, live dealer to deal the cards for each hand of blackjack.

So how you can you play this form of online blackjack from your home? Easy, with live HD video streaming! You watch and participate in the game live!

The live blackjack game is videoed from a real brick and mortar casino OR from a studio that’s been converted into live dealer casino. Either way, you are playing real blackjack, with a live dealer, and with other online players!


How to Play Live Blackjack Video

So this new version of online blackjack is basically identical to playing live blackjack at Las Vegas. You are playing at a physical table with seats for other players. It’s just that each seat is occupied by an online player. The pace of play is similar to a live blackjack table because you must wait for the dealer to deal the cards and for each player to make his or her play.

This is actually a good thing, if you played standard online blackjack, you know how quickly things can go badly! I prefer the pace of play of live dealer blackjack since blackjack is my favorite game in the brick and mortar casinos.

A camera is focused on the blackjack table so all players can see the action. The technology also recognizes the cards so the software also presents the graphical representation of the cards. You can then use the graphical control buttons and your mouse to choose your actions and betting amounts. The software understands the cards so it prevents the dealer from making mistakes. The technology is impressive!

Live casino blackjack does not involve an Random Number Generator which sets it apart from standard online blackjack. Some theorists, due to computer-related constraints, propose these numbers are not really random. We don’t know the true merits of this debate or if it even matters, but it’s just more fun and seemingly more fair, to see the cards shuffled and dealt the way the game was designed.

You can play a typical online blackjack game below for fun and free:

Another point, dissimilar from online blackjack that employs a RNG, is that live blackjack employs a shoe when dealing the cards. As a result, only a specific number of cards will be in the shoe at a given moment in between the times when a dealer shuffles. This means that players can actually practice the art of card counting to gain an advantage! Just about every blackjack player knows he or she must count cards to gain a true mathematical advantage over the casino.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly hard to count cards at conventional casinos, the casinos don’t like card counters and many have implemented automatic shufflers that constantly shuffle the cards after each hand – making it impossible to count cards.

Live dealer blackjack is actually better for real blackjack players because live blackjack normally uses the old-school rules of a 6 or 8 deck shoe, without employing an automatic constant shuffler.

So live casino blackjack is an excellent place to play blackjack and count cards. In fact, it’s the perfect place to PRACTICE your card counting as well, since the stakes can be lower than the brick and mortar casino. And you can take notes or whatever you need while playing online!

Live casino blackjack delivers a realistic, exciting way to play blackjack without having to leave your home. Every blackjack player should try playing this new live, online version, you will relish the experience!